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Speak to Me: Curator and Artist Vignettes

Speak to Me: Curator and Artist Vignettes: including interviews and time at home with curators and artists from our recent and upcoming projects, this series begins with guest curator, Lorenzo Fusi’s The Sodomite Invasion, to consider the world-shaping/making event of epidemics and how artists have spoken back to its social and political logics. We will also be developing interviews with guest curator, David MacWilliam, on his upcoming project on the collection of Garry Neill Kennedy, NOW BULLETIN, as well as posts with Jillian Ross, Master Printer for David Krut Projects and specializing in the work of William Kentridge, Katherine Ylitalo, curator of MONSOON and Karen Tam, artist and curator for an upcoming 2021 exhibition.

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Conversations on Collecting: At Home with Collectors

Conversations on Collecting: At Home with Collectors: this series will bring us into dialogue with contemporary collectors, to discuss the works they are living with as we go through this period of self-isolation at home. We consider which works speak uniquely now, works that resonate over time and contemplation and how the relationship with collecting and collections impacts how we live, and are in dialogue with art works during this unprecedented time. Presented in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Society Vancouver. Stay tuned on our Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter and this website.

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Affective Transmissions

Griffin Art Projects has been surveying the social, emotional and political themes of pandemic culture through sharing content emerging from our current exhibition, The Sodomite Invasion. Through this exhibition and related archival materials related to Jimmy DeSana and Marlon T. Riggs’ oeuvre, we will continue to explore the worldshaping impact of pandemics through our series, Affective Transmissions, based on the in the transdisciplinary nature of this enquiry. Theorist Lisa Blackman suggests that affect may govern our responses, across political, embodied and collective experience. Over the forthcoming weeks, Affective Transmissions will continue to explore this subject and open the exhibition on-screen and online, through these gestures.

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Reading Room: Griffin Online Publication Embodied Practices Series

Reading Room: Griffin Online Publication Embodied Practices Series: addressing our current and recent exhibitions, The Sodomite Invasion, MONSOON and Person/ne, these online publications will provide documentation and curatorial reflection on our recent projects. Each incorporates an embodied view of the world and of art practices, as a lens through which to consider experience.

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