Zoe Kreye
Headjug, Ritual Object for Pleasure and Dionysus., 2018

Saturday, July 6

As part of its exhibition and residency program, Griffin will host a group of international writers, researchers, curators and artists, who explore topics of political agency, personhood and care.

Featured participants: Emily Rosamond (Artist and Researcher, Visual Cultures Department, Goldsmiths College London, UK) considers character in the age of Big Data Lorenzo Fusi (Artistic Director, Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco, Independent Curator, London, UK) considers care in relation to the treatment of HIV/AIDS in North America Helena Reckitt (Curator and Researcher, Art Department, Goldsmiths College, London, UK) explores methods of collaboration and collectivity from her work on the Feminist Durations project at SPACE, London, UK. Zoe Kreye (Artist, Vancouver) designs a relational & collaborative event for Forum participants