Artworks, Letters and Printed Matter from the Garry Neill Kennedy Collection 1968 – 2019

Lawrence Weiner, Portrait of Garry Neill Kennedy, 1990, photograph with irregular matte, 28 x 35.6 cm, Collection of Garry Neill Kennedy, Photo by Rachel Topham Photography

September 19 to December 12, 2020

Guest Curator: David MacWilliam

Now Bulletin is an exhibition, residency series, public art project and public program on the collection and works of eminent Vancouver artist and former NSCAD president, Garry Neill Kennedy.

Reflecting on hospitality, history, memory and the archive in relation to Kennedy and his long history at NSCAD as well as the relationships that have unfolded ever since, NOW BULLETIN asks, how do we tell the story of a community? What does it mean to create consequential provisional communities (including faculty, students & visitors)? How do proximities affect innovation and experimentation? Which relationships became formative and why? In a moment in which conviviality is at stake in the business models of many public institutions that teach art, how do we draw upon one of the most exciting and successful experiments in Canadian art, to protect and nurture current and future spaces in which experimentation and openness may take place? Including public programs and residencies with artists Kelly Lycan, Franklin Furnace founder Martha Wilson, Navarana Igliorte, Ann Ramsden and numerous others, this project examines Kennedy’s personal archive to explore these questions.