Surrogates | RBC Collectors Panel

Griffin Art Projects and Royal Bank Collection are coming together to present an intimate discussion with RBC Assistant Curator Corrie Jackson and the collectors from our current exhibition, Surrogates.

Brigitte Freybe, Jane Irwin and Leonardo Lara all had an active life in art and design before they came to collect contemporary art. This conversation takes their common interest as a starting point to discuss their first ventures into collecting, the greatest chases, the ones that got away and the experience of living with a collection of, and passion for, contemporary art.

Corrie Jackson joined RBC as the Assistant Art Curator in 2014, overseeing the management of the RBC Corporate Art Collection. Previ­ously she worked at the Justina M. Barnicke at the University of Toronto, at Sotheby’s Canada, and as an independent curator. She finished her Masters in Visual Studies, Curatorial Practice at the University of Toronto in 2014 with a focus on contemporary art and modern and con­temporary Canadian artists.