Reading the Contemporary: Art and Culture Talks with Griffin Art Projects with Lam Wong

Thursday October 24, 7:00-8:30pm

Lam Wong, 2019

Located at the North Vancouver District Public Library, Lynn Valley Branch, 1277 Lynn Valley Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J 0A2

Join Lam Wong, recent artist-in-residence, for a presentation and discussion on his work, specifically his installation in the exhibition Person/ne at Griffin Art Projects, and accompanying series of tea ceremony performances.

Lam Wong is a contemporary artist, designer and curator based in Vancouver, BC. His interest is primarily rooted in regional West Coast art history, with an emphasis on the development of painting and its avant-garde narrative. Wong’s creative approach is often concerned with blending Eastern philosophies and challenging the notion of painting.

An immigrant from Hong Kong during the 1980s, Wong studied design, art history and painting, both in Alberta and British Columbia. He is currently practicing painting and tea related artwork as his main media. Wong sees art making as an on-going spiritual practice. His main subjects are the perception of reality, the meaning of art, and the relationships between time, memory and space. Wong has lived and worked in Vancouver since 1998.

During his time in residence at Griffin Art Projects, Wong created and performed his “間 / MA Trilogy”, a three-part series of tea ceremony performances taking place within the framework of the exhibition Person/ne, and staged in the gallery, residency studio, and outdoors at nearby Capilano River. Wong has a family history with the art of tea for over 15 generations, and creates performances situation his art practice within traditions of Chinese style tea ceremony (gongfu cha) and tea meditation.