Touch Change, Open Studio and Performance Event with Zoe Kreye

Saturday, March 30, 12:00-3:00 PM

Zoe Kreye
our hands have been working one after the other. Now they are to work together, Griffin Art Projects
residency, 2019.

Held at the Griffin Art Projects Residency, 1180 Welch Street, North Vancouver

Please join us for Touch Change, an open studio and performance event with Griffin Art Project's current artist-in-residence Zoe Kreye. The day will be ever-evolving and include many participants. Guests are encouraged to come at 12:00pm to interact and engage with the studio installation. Performance will be focused from 12:30 - 2:30pm. Researchers and performers will inhabit the installation responding to the score: Rest, Touch, Read, Fruit, Song, Dance, Witness. 

Zoe Kreye (Vancouver): Touch Change “Focusing this residency period on intuitive research methods and topics, including: sensation, body knowledge, feminist somatics, movement, care, discovering spaces of past/future, myths and the stories we need to hear, listening, ethereal collaborations, vulnerable observation, creating from what I know is there not from what I see,” says Kreye. “I have a keen interest in letting the body guide us beyond the present to touch true alternatives, ones that we may not recognize or even know how to touch.” Kreye will also undertake an Instagram takeover at Griffin during the course of her residency.

Zoe Kreye creates inter-disciplinary art projects that explore transformation, collective experience and negotiations of public space. Her work looks to engage the public in relations and aesthetics, with the goal of building inclusive, bottom-up associations that have the potential to be small catalysts for change within dominant social systems. Often looking outside the realm of art, her projects take the form of clubs, workshops, rituals, dialogues and journeys. Her focus is to encourage people towards self-reflection and a deeper engagement with themselves and society. She completed a Masters in Public Art at the Bauhaus University Weimar, specializing in community engagement and participatory strategies and co-founded the Process Institute, the Berlin based artist collective. She currently lives in Vancouver and teaches Social Practice at Emily Carr University.