KIDS: Snail Mail Art Kits

October 3 – December 13, 2020

Kasper Koenig
Various Postcards, Drawings, Printed Matter and Correspondence, 2020
offset lithography and ink on paper, various sizes

Available in the Gallery on Saturdays throughout the exhibition, starting October 3rd, 2020.

Hey Kids! Have you ever received a postcard, greeting card or hand-written letter delivered directly to your home the old-fashioned way? Receiving a special note in the mail can be a delightful experience. Why not spread the joy?! Griffin Art Projects is inviting you to make some snail mail to brighten someone’s day. Here’s how it works: Our hands-on creative Snail Mail kits will be available for pickup at the gallery every Saturday from 12 – 5pm from October 3rd to December 13, 2020. Each kit contains everything needed to create a snazzy one-of-a kind card: fancy paper, stickers, colored pencils, markers and more! Once you get back home, get to work creating your masterpiece: Draw a picture, share a story or write about an awesome idea on your card. Once complete, stick it in the envelope and send it back to Griffin. We will be delivering it to a local community centre where it will bring cheer and comfort to someone in need.

Our Snail Mail kits are brought to you in conjunction with Now Bulletin: Artworks, Letters and Printed Matter from the Garry Neill Kennedy Collection 1968 - 2019 an exhibition that explores the collection and works of eminent Vancouver artist and former NSCAD president, Garry Neill Kennedy. Featuring artworks, postcards, letters, drawings, prints, photographs and more, Kennedy’s collection captures a constellation of events, histories and relationships embodied in objects and ephemera traded between and gifted by friends, artists and colleagues throughout Kennedy’s time at NSCAD.