The Mill: Live Director’s talk and Q/A with David Craig

Sunday, November 15th, 2020, 1 PM

The Mill
Poster, 2019

Griffin Art Projects invites viewers to stream David Craig’s The Mill, a gripping portrait of a rural community deeply divided over the fate of the local pulp mill. Welcome to Pictou County, Nova Scotia where a plan to redirect pulp effluent into the fishing grounds of the Northumberland Strait has stirred controversy. Lobster fishermen say “No Pipe!” The mill says “No Pipe No Mill”. A line has been drawn and with hundreds of jobs at stake the issue has reached a boiling point!

Following the film, Griffin will be hosting a live director’s talk and Q/A with David Craig, a prominent Canadian filmmaker and former student of Garry Neill Kennedy. This program is presented in conjunction with Griffin Art Projects Now Bulletin: Artworks, Letters and Printed Matter from the Garry Neill Kennedy Collection 1968 - 2019 an exhibition, residency series, public art project and public program on the archive, collection and works of eminent Vancouver artist and former NSCAD president, Garry Neill Kennedy, as well as the legacy and careers of NSCAD grads across Canada and beyond.

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