Beate Terfloth
Wall Drawing Torino, 1991
Pencil on Wall, Galleria Giorgio Perssano, Torino

We are happy to welcome Berlin based artist, Beate Terfloth to our Artist in Residence program. Terfloth (b. 1958) engages with an artistic practice that conveys a sense of vast openness through the simple use of reduction. Terfloth’s work focuses on development in the process of drawing, in which the circle, lines and other materials of sketch are favoured instead of the finished product of painting. Small sketches, notes, landscapes, and thoughts from memories serve as the basis of her artistic vocabulary. Terfloth often utilizes the wall as the departure point, working directly on the surface of the gallery space. This process is usually conducted on a day to day basis, where her drawing reflects on a conscious response to situation and time, and has been described as “performative drawing”. While in residence Terfloth contributed Vancouver Wall Drawing, 2018, to Griffin Art Projects’ current exhibition, zero, ground.