Emily Rosamund


Emily Rosamund is a writer and artist, whose research stems from an interest in how historically situated performances of self are intertwined with developments in financial and informatic infrastructures. Her current work focuses on the implications of financialization and metrification for recent art practices that explore online identity and selfhood. She examines how the identification of users’ behaviours, habits, and tendencies in the age of big data – by audience measurement companies, fintech startups, credit scoring corporations, online reviewers, and investors – newly foregrounds character and reputation as speculative logics of networked personhood. Recent publications have focused on the implications of social impact bonds – new financial products allowing investors to speculate on social outcomes (Finance and Society, 2016); and addressivity in online dating platforms (Journal of Aesthetics & Culture, 2018). Currently, Emily is working on a monograph on online reputation, and collaborative research project that aims to formalize Critical Reputation Studies as a transdisciplinary subfield.