Lam Wong

Lam Wong
間 / MA, 2019
Mixed Media

“I want to create layers of meaning, not just by building relationship, making connection and creating dialogues of the art works, but also by bringing alight the invisibles, the gaps or intervals, and the mystery. It is achieved by expanding the dimension of time and space in my works.

I am fascinated about these mysterious connections between the art works and viewers. And I like the ideas of my works are constantly demanding of each other and having conversations together.”

Lam is a visual artist, designer and curator based in Vancouver BC. His interest is primarily rooted in regional West Coast art history, with an emphasis on the development of painting and its avant-garde narrative. Lam’s creative approach is often concerning with bending Eastern philosophies and challenging the notion of painting.

An immigrant from Hong Kong during the 1980s, Lam studied design, art history and painting, both in Alberta and British Columbia. He is currently practicing painting and tea related artwork as his main media. Lam sees art making as an on-going spiritual practice. His main subjects are the perception of reality, the meaning of art, and the relationships between time, memory and space. Lam lives and works in Vancouver, Canada since 1998.